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Hvis du leser innlegg på VGD du mener er i strid med våre regler (les reglene her) kan du trykke på dette symbolet over det aktuelle innlegget. VG Nett vil vurdere om innlegget skal fjernes.

Listen av symptomer for de svært umoralske...

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21.07.18 13:27

(La oss si som "forslag".)

Her er den:

De (svært) umoralske er veldig underlegne de moralske menneskene og her er grunnene til det (merk at "moralsk blindhet" har vært og er et nøkkelsymptom for schizofreni, begynnelse på engelsk tekst):

* "At the very last, they risk dying of stupidity by nervous system breakdown, spine, feelings and brain being parts." 

* They tend to divert from normal, straight sexuality to sado-masochism to sadistic pedophilia to torture of kids for satisfaction to all out seeking the worst forms of sadistic, sodomistic acts. Note that there is mild schizophrenia and to the very end of "category"-schizophrenia which is the all out search for sadistic, sodomistic acts. They also risk losing their penises (by "cancer") and their wombs (the cellular walls come out the vagina, also a kind of "cancer"). At the very end, their sex is nothing what we regard normally as on-screen porn. 

* Failure and errors tend to increasingly become their name as they decline in their downward spiral of insanity.

* When they're not stimulated they tend to become more and more stupid. 

* You have the usual list of schizophrenic symptoms like language breakdown, cognitive breakdown (inability to think), demons and angels by voices in their heads become more and more common to their decision-making. At the end, they are only these voices. 

* They consider themselves as sh*t and of no value. This goes for others too and whatever the World "outside" is. 

* They lose possibility for using words like intelligence, mind, morality, ethics, dignity and so on and they stick to physical objects in "navigating the World". Physical objects confirm them of their beings, especially when they hold on to them. 

* They can stare for hours into air for tiniest particles (given they have vision for this) and "generate thoughts about them". 

* Some lose the ability to live inside a proper home they own, "professional homeless people". 

* At the very end, they enjoy darkness and sit and stare into it in a basement or something, perhaps humid, and think the most immoral thoughts, "unable to stand light". 

* They do not handle money or finances very well or entirely losing that ability. 

* They may be a hazard to themselves in an instant, doing injury to themselves or killing themselves with whatever that seems suitable or is perceived as possibility. 

* They start to enjoy faeces and urine and at the very end has a passion for sewage and for "special kinds of faeces", believe it or not 

* They have no regard for people's health or well-being, most certainly at the extreme end. Even at a medium stage, they can't stand children or they hurt them or worse 

* As the body starts to attack itself, (self-generated) voices in the head as a possible symptom, they generate infections more and more. Their risky behaviour makes them acquire all sorts of bacteria, viruses and parasites 

* They also die easily, with blood flowing out of a single gun wound! This comes in addition to them not handling weapons "very well", that is, they handle weapons poorly or have no handling at all 

* Some BAD people are so utterly bad that they are treated as special waste in terms of "garbage handling". This is a secret from the trade of the coroner! Add this to the special insurance trade secret of "tainted buildings" by "creepy animal/spectre/phantom" making the building unusable 

* More... ??? 

Already, you may say that the moral blindness is certainly not desirable and I can't warn people enough of going that way to moral blindness and the schizophrenia downward spiral. 

Note: It's important to note that psychiatry can do a lot for people suffering mental illness, also those suffering from schizophrenia. Some way get to appear quite normal with much of the symptoms nullified for time of medication and other treatment. See comments under mSomatism (Modified Somatism). Suggestion for the full treatment of ("deep") schizophrenia: 

* Injected opiates/subutex/"clean" heroin, at suitable locations/hospitals/clinics/special homes? 

* Electro-convulsion therapy, ECT (that is generally enjoyed by these patients) 

* One special type of cancer drug removing (some) "warty/papilloma"-stuff (from Australia?) may be Nivolumab (Opdivo)? Though I can't remember the mechanisms. 

* The usual schizophrenics drugs, 3 strengths (or other), especially the Zyprexa kind plus one higher up in strength or one lower in strength. 

You can, of course, read Hervey Cleckley's The Mask of Sanity (or what I will call: The Monster Behind the Mask of Human Being). Buy any you like, but note they vary in length. I have the 3rd ed., 1955. 

(Slutt på engelsk tekst.)

Jeg synes det er kritikkverdig at psykologer og psykiatere ikke oftere og mere oppfordrer til (kantiansk) etisk bevissthet og (kantiansk/lovlydigmoralsk adferd for å unngå forhold som nevnt over.

Så! Hva synes dere? Hva er deres oppfatning av psyko-sadistiske, sodomistiske  galninger?

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28.07.18 20:57

Oppdatering! Nytt punkt til The Bad People List (engelsk)

* May be intensely obsessed with work, doing work in order to present themselves as people. Though, with poor or very poor job execution most or all the time! Their poor brains may even require little energy and thus, paradoxically, enable them to do unnaturally long work shifts, do much (manual?) work. Compare to being on amphetamine?

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Interessant liste.

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