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Fordelene med å være etiske og moralske mennesker

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21.07.18 13:49

"The Good People List"

Hvordan (kantiansk) etiske og moralske mennesker er klart overlegne de svært umoralske menneskene

Her er en liste av fordeler (engelsk tekst begynner):

* They handle guns and pepper spray well 

* They handle economy well 

* They are the most intelligent, no cheating included 

* They are the most moral and trustworthy 

* They can regenerate 

* They can reincarnate 

* They have superior immune systems 

* They are more independent (de kan også overleve i villmarken bedre enn de (svært) umoralske)

* They have better cognition 

* They have better perception 

* They have superior bodies (I guess) and neurologies 

* They have superior endurance 

* They have superior people skills (for real) 

* They are served by superior quantum effects! (Too!) 

* Good people also have superior reproductive capacities 

* Good people have superior telepathic ability too (Because "schizophrenics" require physical connection) 

* that good people have best reproductive abilities, I think it's safe to say that good people also have the best sex lives - At an extreme for the bad people, when their remaining sex life comes down to "enjoying" sewage and watching or taking part in hideous torture, then, clearly, the victory goes to the human being, the good people! 

Etc. etc.?


A comment to the Good People List (see above): 

To all good people, 1. Don't take the assurances of death by physicians or others. If the situation turns lethal, prepare to start thinking and use the feelings of the soul, the sensitivities of the brain instead. You can "use" death, the other side of life to all sorts of things, including that good revenge on an idiot (of grande, too). So, please, take it from me: you can regenerate, you can reincarnate, plus 100 tricks more. Life has so much to offer, including that of the soul experience that you will come to know, if not later than dying from old age. So for real, life has two sides for you all: the one in flesh and blood and the one on the other side of "death", that you can undo if you want. 

This could have been a scientific statement, but because of a World with great problems, I offer this "only as a religious type" statement or "excuse", one that you can have the pleasure to discover as you see fit! 

Note to the Good People List: The World is full of troubles and these can be severe to you. Therefore, be sure to get your antidepressants medication in order to fight "stupid thoughts" that give rise to worries or deep worries. These are early symptoms. Severe depression immobilizes you, puts you in bed, "freezing stiff" with anxieties and very dark thoughts. See the Development (SSRI/SNRI) here, on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_and_discovery_of_SSRI_drugs. Also see The Good People List on Facebook. 

Note2: Good People are deemed good people by Kantian Moral Psychology rating, no (particular) cheating possible.

(Engelsk tekst slutt.)

I tillegg slipper man å bli trampet på av hvite kjemper ("golems") som skal knuse ondskap.


Så det er det jeg oppfordrer folk til. Å være (kantiansk) gode etiske og moralske mennesker som har noe eller mye å gjøre i Verden og som vet hva relasjoner til mennesker er for noe ("også uten å spise bæsjen deres for å kjenne dem")!

Hva synes dere? Vet dere om noen flere fordeler som burde være på listen?


Kantiansk etikk (Wikipedia, engelsk tekst): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kantian_ethics.

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kaareaadinnlandetInnlegg: 287
24.07.18 13:47

Update, The Good People List
* "magic" ejection by fantastic nature of objects that imply great dangers or pains, such as bullets, criminal implants, small or larger, impaling objects, etc. - only to people and animals of sufficient worth or character

Se f. eks. "The Fantastic Phenomena or of Freak Nature as Accounts of Reality - The Black Swans Outside Dumb People's Livingroom, Their Problem of Induction" under



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