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Hvis du leser innlegg på VGD du mener er i strid med våre regler (les reglene her) kan du trykke på dette symbolet over det aktuelle innlegget. VG Nett vil vurdere om innlegget skal fjernes.

Seth: Blueprint for the New Age

thoughtInnlegg: 1233
21.12.04 03:15
Seth-materiale virket som inspirasjon for New Age bevegelsen.

"Looking at the many new self development approaches and theories as well as the criticisms of them by certain religious sects we sometimes wonder how well these recent guides to living embody the time-tested ideals of our civilization. In the Seth Material, I believe we find a clear statement of the values which are implicit in almost every New Age approach to life. By comparing the principles in this philosophy with those of our other major ideologies, we can determine whether they will help guide us in this time of change as well as the older systems of belief have served during periods of marked transition in the past."

- Maude Cardwell, PH.D.


hylle26Innlegg: 3516
21.12.04 17:35
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