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Valerian- tegneserien bedre enn filmen

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21.10.18 07:48

Jeg kjedet meg, så jeg skrev en detaljert sammenligning av tegneserie og film. Jeg skrev den på engelsk i håp om å publisere dette til andre fans.

Valerian- the comic story

Whether you like the film or not; the comic book is quite different. And a better story than in the movie. The movie is action packed while the comic is the opposite. Maybe therein lies the reason why the script was changed so much. And Laureline is the main protagonist in the comic.

Over to the comic version, which I shall here tell its story. Somewhat compressed, since some elements aren’t vital to the story.

It begins with the first module of Alpha station. It was not made by humans and is very old. So old that its originators are long forgotten. The comic doesn’t suggest its age, but I would believe at least a couple of hundred thousand years or maybe much more. And other species have added their modules to it since its beginning.

The Alpha station in the comic is probably much larger than the movie version. And its core, is full of abandoned old modules from races extinct or forgotten.

When the story starts, humanity is the most powerful race in the galaxy, with its ‘Earth Federation’ of sorts. Because humanity has just recently added their module to the station, I believe it is far away from Earth, maybe on the other side of the galaxy.

Valerian and Laureline are travelling in their spaceship to Alpha station with an important passenger; Earth’s ambassador to Alpha station. People have suggested that Tarkin from Star Wars may be modelled after the ambassador.

The ambassador stresses that this is a very important mission and he is very secretive. Val and Lau are a bit skeptical to this. The ambassador gives Laureline the little hedgehog like creature we see in the film. She is advised to protect it at all cost. Valerian and Laureline is to be his personal bodyguards for the mission.

After arrival at Alpha station earth module, the ambassador is starting a speech to the crew of the module. Suddenly a hole is blasted through a nearby wall. Through the hole, a bunch of aliens with non-lethal cocoon blasters are appearing, opening fire on everyone. Much like in the movie, but the aliens are the big brown ones from the movie that Valerian and Bubble had to save Laureline from.

Valerian shouts to Laureline ‘Get your helmet on! Quick’, as they are still wearing spacesuits. Valerian is the first to see what happens next; the ambassador is abducted. He rushes after them through an air lock to the alien ship waiting outside. He is immediately captured and put in stasis, as the same with the ambassador.

Laureline wakes up and notices both the ambassador and Valerian is gone. She still has the little money-making creature, so she buys information about the whereabouts of these aliens. Through the film’s Bubble, she infiltrates their base on Alpha. They are celebrating the success of the abduction. And through video it is shown that Valerian and the ambassador is handed over to the whale creatures on a nearby planet.

So Laureline is searching for their habitat. And finds a guy with a submarine. Here the film is accurate towards the comic. Via the submarine they steal a jelly fish which is a communication device for the whale creatures. And they just escape. Laureline puts the jellyfish over her head to see what information it has. And it reveals that the whale creatures fly to meet another strange ship, a cigar shaped vessel with what looks as sails. The two men in stasis are loaded aboard the new vessel. Then the jellyfish explodes, and Laureline is not having a good time now, covered in jellyfish.

Since the whale creatures aren’t going to talk, Laureline must find a new way to locate the two men. She buys information about a species that specializes in dreams. With their technology and a hefty sum they can connect her to another mind. She goes to sleep and dreams about Valerian. In her dream she sees Valerian and the ambassador, now both awoken, landing on a beach like the one the paradise planet in the film.

The two are greeted by the inhabitants, looking like the people from the paradise planet, except they have deep red skin. The ambassador, furious, threatens them, pointing out mighty Earth will put an end to this. The aliens say threats are useless.

The red skinned aliens tell them the story that they built the first module of Alpha station long ago. And since then they have ascended to near godlike beings, forever hidden from others.

And now the ambassadors plan is revealed; Earth has an armada ready to seize control over the Alpha station. And the red skinned aliens say that this they cannot allow. With just a thought they can annihilate the armada if it attacks.

And so ends Laurelines dream. She know she must head to the core of Alpha station. She finds an entrance blocked by rubble. With her blaster she clears the rubble and enters.

And the entrance opens to another dimension where she is now on the beach she saw in her dream. There is nobody there except Valerian and the ambassador. Valerian and Laureline kiss.

Then they follow the ambassador to the station’s council, where all races are represented. And the council know what has happened. The council expels Earth from Alpha station for a hundred years. And the armada heads back to Earth, not daring to challenge the red skinned aliens.

On the way home Laureline, who has become attached to the little hedgehog creature, gives it a well-deserved recharge in the ship’s reactor.

The End.

Some notes;

The brown aliens in the films who want to serve Laureline as a dish to their ruler are too primitive in the film. They are not believable as a space faring species, which is sort of hinted at being the rule to join Alpha station. In the comics they are more like mercenaries and seem more sophisticated.

Laureline is in the comic seduced by ‘Bubble’ in a Greek Adonis form, but she snaps out of it and makes a deal to infiltrate the brown skinned aliens. Bubble with Laureline inside takes on a brown skinned alien temptress form. And Laureline complains Bubble should have used a more discreet entrance. Also, Bubble is not a slave and runs a very lucrative business with others of her/his kind. Bubble does not die in the comic story. In fact, nobody dies.

Through her mission Laureline is accompanied by a scared protocol officer that escaped the attack and subsequent abduction. He is more a comic relief and is rather useless to Laureline. She tells him what is going on all the time since he is clueless. In a way that makes Laureline kind of a storyteller in the comic.

Laureline first travel to some Nordic centaur people that might know about the brown skinned aliens. Some funny scenes, but not vital story wise.  

The money- making hedgehog creature is not the last one. But they are very elusive, and few have been seen or even captured. Prior to the mission it has been brainwashed to accept Laureline. They might not be so adorable in the wild.

A blue-skinned species, kinda like the first alien species we meet in the film, call Alpha station their home. Their planet was destroyed long ago, and they mostly live on Alpha. They are very descent species, and they perform a lot of the maintenance on Alpha. They don’t have a habitat on their own, so they dwell in the corridors between habitats and they breathe air like many other species. In the end of the story they begin arresting other aliens they suspect are fueling the corruption on Alpha station. They cannot be bribed, so the council probably approved this.

One of the ambassador’s argument for taking over Alpha was to rid it of corruption, which is said to be high. Instead the blue-skinned aliens took the job. Probably for the better. Man can be bribed. These blue-skinned aliens cannot.

Clive Owen, his robots and the space battle is in the film only. So is the mission to retrieve the hedgehog creature. The red-skinned god-like aliens never mentions this creature in the comic. And they probably don’t need anything from anyone else. Since Bubble has no pimp, Ethan Hawke’s character isn’t in the comic.

The last thing Laureline sees in her dream is that Valerian and the ambassador are guided into a hut at the beach to meet the red-skinned people’s children, who will tell them a story. The ambassador says they will brainwash us! After this, when Laureline meets the ambassador, he seems much more agreeable. Valerian probably also, but he is glad to see Laureline.

The Earth ship design in the comic looks somewhat Mon Calamari from Star Wars. We know George Lucas has borrowed some things from Valerian comics.

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