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Help with barnebidrag!

TheLrlucekInnlegg: 2
10.02.16 20:27

Hi. I will write in English because my norsk is not so good...

Can you help me with my barnebidrag? When me and my ex girlfriend count on nav website how much I should pay the kalkulator show us 5.500 kr pr month.... and I paid that over the one year.... and few day's ago I talk with some Norwegian guy and he told me that's is really to much..... that I should pay max 3.000..other people said exactly the same....not more then 3.000.. I got a 460.000 thousand on year and my ex around 300.000 thousand. I see my soon every day 2-3 hour and at least one night on the weekend. He have 3 years and full time in barnehage. 

heartbrokenforrealInnlegg: 1199
28.06.16 00:46

You should just call NAV and ask them why and how you pay the amount you pay even if you are with your child everyday etc. They should at least explain why, and if it still does not make sense to you, you ask them how hou can hand in an complaint.


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