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The brain


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03.02.20 09:37

Your brain consists of a whole, or of parts.

When you study individual parts you will cut off a part of neurons. The more individual cases you study, well, the more of the chunks will be isolated. That’s why it breaks your mind. You have to study everything or nothing.

When you isolate yourself you can reconnect these parts.

But if you are with a crowd of people, then you will only see these people from a few aspects, or one single aspect; and can’t simulate, and assimilate them all into your conclusive action, or responsive action to a their actions. Counter reaction?

Creating the greatest mind in correlation with quantum theory:

See, watch, feel, smell, and taste the world, read, then you will understand. The world is not only the environement, but it's also the people. The people is the difficult part.

Create your own world, make it boundless, untied to reason, laws or rules, physics, natural laws.

The Wire

The Sopranos

Don't try to understand all characters at the beginning. You have to study one person at the time; in dept, like around 1000 chapters, or 1 milllion words.


Merge them together.

Your brain will Cry tears of joy.

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