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Andrew Carnegie i Tromsø

jeangabinInnlegg: 24140
09.12.16 04:48

Utdrag fra Andrew Carnegies selvbiografi. Carnegie var verdens rikeste mann før Rockefeller.

"On the way to the North Cape we visited a reindeer camp of the Laplanders. A sailor from the ship was deputed to go with the party. I walked homeward with him, and as we approached the fiord looking down and over to the opposite shore we saw a few straggling huts and one two-story house under construction. What is that new building for? we asked.

"That is to be the home of a man born in Tromso who has made a great deal of money and has now come back to spend his days there. He is very rich."

"You told me you had travelled all over the world. You have seen London, New York, Calcutta, Melbourne, and other places. If you made a fortune like that man what place would you make your home in old age?" His eye glistened as he said:

"Ah, there's no place like Tromso." This is in the arctic circle, six months of night, but he had been born in Tromso. Home, sweet, sweet home!"

Er virkelig Tromsøværingene så heimføinger som Carnegie trodde?

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