Våre regler
Hvis du leser innlegg på VGD du mener er i strid med våre regler (les reglene her) kan du trykke på dette symbolet over det aktuelle innlegget. VG Nett vil vurdere om innlegget skal fjernes.

Notts County - Magpie of Meadow Lane


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22.03.09 11:26

Skjærene. Disse frekke, støyende, hemningsløse, tjuvaktige fjærkreene. Eller nysgjerrige, intelligente, vakre fugler fulle av kontrastfylte svarte & hvite fjær med elegant metallglinsende svart stjert?

Magpies. Notts County. Den eldste av de eldste ligaklubbene. En av mødrene til organisert fotball. Mitt første møte klubben var vel tilbake i 1981 da de plutselig befant seg i toppserien. Jeg ble ikke sjarmert da lagbildene ble presentert. Med Jimmy Sirrell, Tristan Benjamin & Brian Kilcline i spissen så de særdeles tvilsomme ut og framstod ikke som en gjeng man gjerne støtte på i dunkle, småtrange smug.

Men skjærene skal man ikke dømme etter førsteinntrykket. Notts County er blant de klubbene som har krøpet lengst inn under huden på meg i senere år. Ikke vanskelig å føle sympati med fansen. Fullstendig i skyggen av den gamle, meritterte europa-mester Forest som holder til på feil side av Trent. I følge Littlewoods-undersøkelsen for noen år tilbake klubben som har påført supporterne mest stress & angst. Rekordmange divisjonsbytter og en endeløs rekke managerbytter. Minutter unna konkurs og halvannet år under administrasjon. Klubben måtte legge ned hele ungdomsavdelingen og reservelaget. Tough. Pr i dag har ikke klubben hverken reserve- eller U18-lag, men Centre of Excellence for de yngste er oppe og går igjen. Meadow Lane er kommunens eie og sitt eget treningsanlegg har klubben heller ikke.

Men klubben har opplevd sine solgløtt, og foruten tre sesonger i toppsjiktet på 80-tallet var Notts også såvidt innom øverste nivå tidlig 90-tall før PL så dagens lys. Slike høyder er det ikke klima for at klubben skal nå igjen, ihvertfall ikke i min levetid. Framtidshåpet går mer ut på at klubben skal fortsette å eksistere. Økonomi og tilskuertall tilsier en tilværelse på nivå tre eller fire i overskuelig framtid.

Skal vi dermed bare erklære tråden for åpnet? Vet at det er flere enn meg som har sympatier i Notts County, så håper den blir brukt av flere til både nyheter, historie, mimring om gamle årganger og annet.


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25.03.09 13:25

Gode nyheter fra Nottingham i dag. Samtidig som klubben søker etter vertsfamilier til unggutter som skal representere klubben på U18-nivå kommende sesong meldes det at et nytt treningsanlegg er på gang. Utrolig å tenke på at County aldri har hatt sitt eget treningsfelt:

NOTTS County are confident they will have their own training ground by the start of next season.

They are close to tieing up a deal for a new base at Beeston.

Boss Ian McParland said: "I couldn't be more pleased because I think it's essential to have our own training base.

"That was something we never had in all my years as a player and one of my priorities when I came back to Meadow Lane was to change that.

"At the moment, there's uncertainty every morning about where we are going to train and the quality of the surface we will be working on, and that's not right.

"It's unprofessional and psychologically affects the players.

"If they have decent facilities and a good surface to work on, it acts as an incentive for them to work better."

Notts are hoping that a deal can be completed in the next couple of weeks so the area can be renovated in time for next season.

A long-term lease has been negotiated on the land, which will accommodate three full-size pitches and possibly a smaller one.

As well as being the training ground for the first team, it will also stage home matches for the newly-introduced youth team.

"We have to find a good surface for the youth team to play their matches if we are to qualify for funding, and the chairman and I felt that the time was right to go the whole way and set up our own training base," added McParland.

"I'm really excited about this development. It will be a massive step forward.

"With around ten new scholars being taken on next season, we obviously need extra facilities which could have caused us a problem.

"If things work out as we plan, that will no longer be an issue."


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26.03.09 11:37

Notts County er i dag en av de klubbene som drives av et Trust. Høres idyllisk ut at supporterne selv styrer klubben sin men slik er dessverre ikke realitetene. Indre stridigheter der beskyldinger hagler om konfidensielle lekkasjer, manglende innsyn på økonomi, ryktespredning og maktkamp er ingrediensene. Det har ført til at medlemmer av Trust-styret enten har trukket seg eller blitt suspendert. Slik er aksjefordelingen på eiersiden nå:

300,797 Share Supporter Trust (60,15%)

99,601 Roy Parker (19,9%)

49,801 Peter Joyce (9,96%)

49,801 John Mountney (9,96%)


Formann John Armstrong-Holmes påstås å være i langvarige, seriøse forhandlinger med investorer og luftet sine frustrasjoner i hjemmeprogrammet til Bradford-kampen i børjan av mars med en følelsesladet ytring:

"It's a fact that I seriously considered resigning last week because I began to wonder why I was putting myself through so much grief at Meadow Lane when there was nothing in it for me.

I don't take a salary for the considerable amount of work I do, and I don't claim expenses for things like petrol and my mobile phone. I even pay rent on the small office I use as the base for my business within the ground.


All that I've done in the past 18 months is out of devotion for Notts County, but there does come a time when you owe it to the people around you to say that enough is enough.

I thought I'd arrived at that stage last weekend when all the hassle was starting to unfold because it was taking up so much of my time that I was seriously neglecting my own business - and important matters connected with the football club.

But then, after lengthy discussions with fellow directors, it became clear that I have to see through the project that I've been working on for the past five months.

It was last September when I was approached by a broker, working on behalf of a group who were apparently interested in investing in the club. I met with them, agreed a base from which to go forward and made certain people - including Stuart Rolley who was then chairman of the Supporters' Trust - aware of the expression of interest.

They were also made aware that I had signed a legal confidentiality clause that would prevent me from disclosing details until such time as there was a firm proposal to put before them.

Dialogue with the potential investors is still on-going and although I feared when I met them this week that all the adverse publicity might just have frightened them off, I'm pleased to say that they see it for what it is.

When it comes to the crunch, it won't be for me, or the Club Board, who decide whether a proposal of investment should be accepted. But I do firmly believe that this club needs investment - from the right people doing it for the right reasons - and we have to do everything in our power to attract it.

I have worked very hard over the past 18 months to restore some stability. As Ian McParland said to me this week, the only thing I've been guilty of is trying to make Notts County a proper football club again.

And the very reason that business people have come forward to discuss the possibility of investing money is that they can see we are now being run along the right lines, and we're moving forward.

Talk to Roy Parker, Ian McParland or any member of the Meadow Lane staff and ask them about the levels of improvement that have taken place over the past 18 months.

I'm confident about the answers you will get and I make no bones about the fact that it really irritates me that a small group of people seem dead-set on ruining things.

Leaking documents and information to the media in a negative way over the past week or so has done a lot of damage to the reputation of this club. And having worked so hard to at last restore stability after years of upheaval, that's the last thing we wanted.

Trying to rebuild the trust of the business community in Nottingham has taken many years. Now, just when we are starting to make some progress, companies are bound to be asking why they should sponsor a club in turmoil.

Certain individuals within the Trust Board have their own agenda and you must decide for yourselves whether they are acting with the best interests of Notts County.

They are perfectly entitled to question my ability but what they cannot doubt is my integrity, my commitment and my desire to re-establish this club as a force within English football.

It's utter nonsense to suggest that I don't keep the people who matter informed about the financial situation, and other issues within the club.

As a matter of interest, I'm happy to share with you that things are difficult at the moment - but no more than any other business is finding it in the current climate.

If Southampton had paid us the money they should have done last week as a part-payment for David McGoldrick, our bank balance would now be healthy.

Some of the money we had budgeted to receive from Nottingham Rugby will not now be coming our way because of their much-publicised financial troubles, our average gates are currently around 400 less than we had expected, and we've been saddled with a substantial legal bill for a matter that is totally beyond our control.

That's what happens in business, especially in these troubled times. But in case you are being taken in by the propaganda, it's not true that we are in danger of going back into administration.

Having paid up some players who don't figure in the manager's plans, and dealt with a long list of non-football issues that needed cleaning up, we've just about reached the stage where we can forget the past - and really look forward.

But in order to drive on over the next few years, it's my view that this club has to have a substantial injection of funds.

Excellent progress has been made this year with re-establishing the Centre of Excellence and as you will know, we're planning to re-introduce the youth team next season.

That, in turn, will enable our fringe first-team players to join forces with the youngsters to play in reserve matches.

Aside from that, we have identified a piece of land and negotiations are underway for us to have our own training ground for the first time in living memory.

The problem is that it all has to be paid for and although we are in reasonably good financial shape at the moment, we need help to get us to the next level.

It's all about choice, as I see it. Do we want to move forward or do we merely stagnate in the lowest division, and have an on-going battle to remain in the Football League?"




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26.03.09 16:00

Lysere tider i møte for Notts County, absolutt. Etter hva jeg ser på maratontabellen for engelsk ligaball har nå faktisk Grimsby Town gått forbi Magpies som det mesttapende laget i historien. Mariners står nå på 1741 tap, County kun 1738.

NC gikk på sitt 1723. tap i ligapremièra borte for Dverghønsa, men den påfølgende gode formkurven gjorde at GT kunne innta tabellteten i kraft av sitt nederlag hjemme for Barnet 27. september 2008. Siden så de seg ikke tilbake, fiskekakebakerne. Neil Bishop fant målet i 0-1-oppgjøret på Blundell Park, samme dag som Notts Co. triumferte mot Shots Town 2-1.

De har et godt lag Notts Co, og det er prisverdig at de tør satse på elde (slik som Kevin Pilkington, Michael Johnson, Jamie Forrester).

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27.03.09 08:20

Meget pent initiativ, Konstantinovich. Er jeg den eneste som har tro på et noenlunde akseptabelt resultat mot Lincoln på lørdag?


Har ikke så mye konstruktivt å bidra med i en slik tråd jeg, men vites det om det finnes noen norsk supporterklubb for våre venner skjærene?


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27.03.09 08:44
Randomfyr: men vites det om det finnes noen norsk supporterklubb for våre venner skjærene?

Om du les dei siste par-tre innlegga i denne tråden, vil du få all relevant info om den norske supportarklubben for Notts County.


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27.03.09 12:57

Omtrent samtidig som 19 år gamle Matt Richards ankom på lå fra Wycombe ut sesongen leser jeg om en annen Richards, forsvarsspilleren Pedro som var i Notts County fra 1974 til 85 og spilte tilsammen nærmere 500 kamper for klubben. Jeg var faktisk ikke klar over, eller så var det fortrengt, at han gikk bort i realtivt ung alder. Kom over en artikkel i The Times om Pedro Richards som er vel verdt å lese om man tar seg tid til det:

Article on the death of footballing hero, Pedro Richards. The Times, 9th March 2002

Pedro Richards played at the top level of English football less than 20 years ago, but never left a Nottingham council estate. He died aged 45. Mark Hodkinson tells a story far removed from the glamour of today's game.

Sunday morning, the world half-asleep. An elderly man shuffles towards the newsagents in his slippers. He coughs and it sounds like a small jar of nails being rattled. Two men peer through the windows of the Poet's Corner pub. They are early, it doesn't open until noon. Furious, one of them kicks out at a metal grille covering a supermarket window: Good morning, the Meadows. The Meadows is a vast estate of pale-bricked houses and maisonettes close to Nottingham town centre. It routinely provides those terse two and three-word captions on newsagents' billboards: "Gun Crime Soars", "Drugs Den Bust", "Man Critical". There are good souls, too, amid the dissolution. A family makes its way towards the Bridgeway Hall Methodist Mission, the kids skipping ahead, their skin scrubbed and glowing like sunlight.

The Poets Corner is now open. Posters advertise Bingo on Thursdays and Karaoke on Saturdays. It is large and open-plan with bench seats against the walls and a mismatch of chairs jammed under tables. An old lady asks her husband for a Bacardi and lemonade. He comes back from the bar: "I didn't want ice, you berk," she scolds. The barmaid scoops them out. This time, his wife calls him "love" when he hands it over. They open a newspaper and study the horse racing form. She is extremely knowledgeable, quoting odds from long-gone races. Looking around, the room filling with smoke and bawdy bonhomie, she might like to proffer odds on someone famous, someone from a glamorous other-world, walking through the swing-doors and making himself at home: 10,000 to one perhaps, a million to one?

Until a few months ago, the Poet's Corner and other pubs dotted around the estate had such a visitor on a regular basis. Pedro Richards was a member of the Notts County team that spent three seasons in the top flight of English football from 1981 to 1984. An assured defender, he played almost 500 games for County during a 12-year spell and is thought to be the first black player to captain an English professional club. After Match of the Day and a life less ordinary, he was back on home ground; unassuming, in and out of work, but still King of the Meadows. Then he was gone, dead at 45.

Although he stopped playing just 15 years ago, Richards' story embodies the seismic cultural and economic shift in the professional game. A footballer can now sign a one-year deal with a Premiership club and be financially secure for the rest of his life. He will also have advisers and mentors and a posh car on a posh estate, miles away from places like the Meadows.

Richards had none of these, though whether he would have wanted them is another matter. His was an enigmatic story and a personality to match. Even in death, nothing was straightforward. He died the day before Christmas Eve last year, after being injured three weeks earlier. The Poet's Corner had hosted a wake for Shantelle Porter, a 17-year-old girl who had died after a road accident. At the end of a long day of drinking and reminiscing, Pedro slipped away on his own. Soon afterwards he was found nearby, clutching his chest. Rumour quickly wafted through the estate's maze of walkways and side streets: Pedro Richards had been attacked. The most outlandish version had him set upon by drug dealers and left badly beaten.

Such was his status in the estate's folklore, his half-brother, Colin Ellery, had to refute quickly the gossip and would do so again a few weeks later, this time at his funeral. "Names were being banded about and I was worried there might be reprisals and someone getting hurt. We heard so much stuff that was supposed to have happened to Pedro. I think the only thing we didn't hear was that aliens had picked him up," he said. The police decided to investigate. "We were hearing that he'd been beaten up," Detective Inspector Tony Webster said. "We couldn't find anyone who'd seen this happen and Pedro and his brother said the injuries had resulted from a fall. It's the sort of place where this kind of rumour is rife." He confirmed that Pedro had never been involved in trouble with the police. "I used to see him out and about in clubs when I was a young detective. He kept himself to himself and was a nice, approachable bloke."

These days footballers rarely live in the town of the club they represent, but Richards was fiercely intertwined with the community that formed Notts County's support. The Meadows is yards from County's ground and for many years his family owned a shop selling washing machines literally across the road from Meadow Lane. As proof of his standing, when his teenage son's bike was stolen and word got round who it belonged to, it was found back in its original place within hours. "Pedro was their hero," his long-term partner, Lorna Kennedy, said. "He had a hell of a lot of respect from the local lads and they looked up to him. No one would hear a bad word said about him. They were all like brothers, one big family."

X-rays revealed that Pedro had two broken ribs. He was also taking antibiotics for a chest infection. The cough grew worse and he was admitted to hospital where doctors discovered a shadow the size of a 50p piece on his lungs. He had pneumonia. The disease took hold and within a few days he was critically ill. "They called us in and I knew straight away from the doctor's face that he probably wasn't going to make it," Colin said. "They told us that only two or three people a year in the whole country got this type of pneumonia." Pedro Richards died in his sleep.

The grief among the football fraternity was deep and heartfelt. County supporters flooded websites with eulogies. He had been a loyal, talented clubman and had played the game sportingly. Some hinted, in compassionate, rueful tones, that Pedro's later years had not been becoming of a football hero: the game hadn't treated Richards as well as he had treated it. Most of all, he was adored because he was seen as "one of them." He lived among them, walked the same streets. He was the local boy made good, an irony since he was anything but local.

Until the age of 11, Pedro had lived in Laguardia, a walled town in the Basque region of Northern Spain. Set in the mountains of Cantabria, the area is famous for its Rioja wine. It is now a busy town, but when Pedro was a boy it was the rural Spain of legend -donkeys used in farming; bulls let loose through the narrow passageways during fiesta time. He had been sent to Spain to live with his grandparents by his mother, Maria Pecina Torres. Maria had earlier left Spain to work as a domestic in England where she met Pedro's father, an Afro-Caribbean with whom Pedro was to have minimal contact during his life. Spanish became Pedro's first language and, like his friends, he wanted to be a matador.

He left the country at the age of 11 to live with his mother who had now settled with Eddie Ellery, a Nottingham man. Although he had seldom kicked a ball before, Pedro was a prodigiously talented footballer. He played for the top local youth side, Clifton All Whites, and was selected for Nottingham Boys. In both teams, he played alongside Viv Anderson, later to win the European Cup with Nottingham Forest. He signed for Notts County and made his first-team debut within days of his 18th birthday. He was to remain there for the next 12 years.

"I first met Pedro when he was a kid on the groundstaff," Don Masson, his former captain, said. "I thought he had a tremendous future. He was skilful, fast, a good reader of the game but I don't think he ever fulfilled his potential." Anyone who played alongside Richards, or watched him, feels the same. Soon after breaking into the professional ranks, he found himself viewed -in the terms of the time -as a "bit of a lad", a "rebel". Richards did not follow protocol. He spoke his mind. He was a footballer who didn't act or think like a footballer. Already the contradictory nature of his personality was evident. He was happy-go-lucky but sensitive, straight-ahead but complex. He didn't stop to think what was best for his career. He went ahead and said it, or did it. Glad-handing and duplicity was an anathema. He grumbled soon after joining County that he'd been signed to provide succour to another black player, his good friend Tristan Benjamin.

Later, he declined an invitation to join an England get-together called by Don Revie; he felt there was a bias towards southern-based players. His views seemed unusually insular for a man of such a cosmopolitan background. "Pedro felt settled in the Meadows. He had offers from other clubs, but he wasn't one for moving around. When he left Spain he was only a kid and didn't really have much say in the matter," Lorna said.

Away from the pitch, he further challenged the stereotype. He claimed a love of gardening and was photographed in a match programme pruning roses. They were his step-dad's really; that was the joke. He didn't drive, though if he had, he would probably have received a sponsored car. He did buy an expensive semi-detached house in the relatively upmarket Wilford, but after it had been decorated he declined to move in and stayed on the estate. "You've got to understand that Pedro wasn't at all materialistic. I don't think he was ever comfortable with that side of football," Colin Ellery said. "I remember being with him once when he was asked to sign an autograph. You could just tell he felt awkward about it."

In February 1985, Notts County granted Richards a testimonial match against Nottingham Forest. It was played at short notice and only 1,345 fans attended. Richards received £800, a paltry amount compared with the colossal sums testimonials now generate. He left County at 29 and drifted into semi-professional football and then out of the game completely.

He did not adapt easily to a life outside the sport. He was out of work for long spells and reluctant to claim unemployment benefit. He worked intermittently on building sites, but was considered down on his luck by some County fans. "The last time I saw him he was sitting alone in a rather seedy pub called The Cremorne in the Meadows one Sunday lunchtime some years ago," Mick West said. "He was very scruffily dressed in a tatty old sweater and sat there drinking on his own the entire time I was there, though he did occasionally speak to people he knew behind the bar." Pedro's family says this was unlikely. They say he liked to dress casual, but smart.

Although more than 400 people attended his funeral, including ex-players and staff, he was no longer in regular contact with many from the football world. Asked about Pedro, they all say how much they enjoyed his company, then add that they had not seen him for years. "Pedro wasn't one to moan, but I think, deep down, he might have been upset because he felt forgotten," Colin said. Notts County staged a minute's silence recently, but three of its staff declined to co-operate with research for this article, without saying why.

Meanwhile, Pedro's son, 14-year-old Antonio, is a member of County's School of Excellence. He has another son, Jordan, aged 4, both from his relationship with Lorna Kennedy. If Antonio progresses to the first-team, the lifestyle and rewards are likely to be much different than those that came his father's way.

* A Trust Fund has been set up to support Pedro's sons and to purchase a headstone for his grave. An auction of football memorabilia and a charity night is also planned.


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02.04.09 22:53

Soton er på randen, men ifølge John Armstrong-Holmes får County pengene de skylder for Dave McGoldrick og Leon Best. Etterhvert.

NOTTS County will still get all of the cash they are owed by Southampton, said chairman John Armstrong-Holmes today.

The Saints are in financial meltdown in the wake of their holding company going into administration.

The Magpies are still owed money by the Championship club from the transfer of David McGoldrick in 2005.

They were due a six-figure sum at the start of February because of an appearances clause in the 21-year-old's contract when he left Meadow Lane for St Mary's.

Notts are also still owed a final five-figure sum from the south coast club for Leon Best, as part of a sell-on clause in the Coventry City striker's contract when he joined the south coast club in July 2004.

Armstrong-Holmes said the Magpies' money is protected.

He said: "It is ring-fenced by the Football League so we will get every penny.

"I don't know when we will get it but we will.

"The problems at Southampton will have no effect at all.

"The Football League is due to distribute money to every club in the League this month and they will take money out of Southampton's share and give it to parties they owe money to.

"It's far from ideal that we didn't get the money when it was due but we are managing without it as best we can."


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17.04.09 13:20

Notts County kunngjorde i går at klubben har sikret seg ny hovedsponsor neste sesong. Vandanel, som fra før av er klubbens draktleverandør, har inngått en avtale som innbringer County et femsifret beløp. De leverer forøvrig drakter til 14 klubber i England.  Lynn Lawson, som styrer supporterbutikken får hovedæren for at dealen kom på banen:

"I was only joking when I suggested to Vandanel's managing director Neil Burke that they ought to become our shirt-sponsors... but one thing then led to another. I'm really pleased that the deal has been agreed because I'm sure that we can develop a long-term partnership that will be beneficial to both companies."

Denne sesongen er det Forward Pest Control og ølreklame i form av Marston's Smooth som har prydet draktene.

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25.04.09 10:48
Da har supporterne gjort sitt valg, Matty Hamshaw ble Player of the Year med Michael Johnson og Jamie Clapham på de to neste plassene. Manager Ian McParland utnevnte i tillegg venstreving Myles Weston til sin kandidat og skrøt fælt av ungguttens framganger. Taktisk trekk for å smøre Weston som drøyer med å signere ny kontrakt? Enda en liten pris ble utdelt, og det var til Jamie Clapham som ble årets spiller valgt av lagkameratene.

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25.04.09 15:12

Interessant. Da kan vi altså slå fast at floskelen "en klubbs vrakgods er en annen klubbs juvel" gjelder begge veier. Det var få, om noen, i Mansfield som satte kaffen i vrangstrupen da det ble annonsert at Matt Hamshaw hadde blitt frigitt i sommer. Joda, på sitt beste var han briljant, men på sitt svakeste lurte man på om han i det hele tatt hadde møtt opp til kamp. Og forrige sesong hadde Hammy langt flere svake enn briljante kamper. Men for all del: hyggelig at han har funnet tilbake storformen i County.

Men som sagt: en klubbs vrakgods er en annens juvel, og såvidt jeg har forstått, var County-fansen mildt sagt lite imponert over det Gary Silk hadde prestert under sitt Meadow Lane-opphold. "Not good enough", "Maybe he'll find his level in the Conference" og til og med den vemmelige "Not fit to wear the shirt" var noen av karakteristikkene besøkende County-fans brukte om Silky da det ble klart i sommer at han var på prøvespill i Mansfield. Til tross for Magpies-fansens skepsis fikk imidlertid Gary Silk kontrakt på Field Mill, og der har han vært klubbens mest stødige spiller denne sesongen, og jeg blir ikke overrasket om det blir nettopp Silky som blir kåret til årets spiller ved sesongslutt. Faktisk anser jeg Alan Marriott som hans eneste reelle konkurrent.

Gary Silk, Gary Silk, Gary Gary Silk
He's got no hair, but we don't care
Gary Gary Silk


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25.04.09 15:17

Med tanke på forumistene her ville det ikke vært så grusomt å rykke ned fra PL. Ære være dere for at dere legger flid i innleggene.
Jeg har, som tidligere nevnt, Gamsten som forbilde når jeg leverer det ene dårlige innlegget etter det andre.



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26.04.09 23:08

I går tapte Notts County 0-3 for vesle Dagenham & Redbridge. Trist nok i seg selv, men mer vedmodig er at dette var siste kamp for Michael Johnson på Meadow Lane. 'Magic' går mot 36 år, og selv om han tilbrakte sine beste år hos Birmingham og Derby regnes han som ekte Magpie, oppflasket i klubben som han er. Men helt tapt for klubben er han ikke, Johnson blir en sentral figur i junioravdelingen nå som U18 er oppe og går fra og med neste sesong. Noen solgløtt har det blitt i karrieren, et pent knippe landskamper for Jamaica samt ligacupfinale for Birmingham på Millenium er verdt å nevne.


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30.04.09 20:10

Avslutningen av sesongen har vært særdeles lite imponerende, og mang en Notts-fan har siklet etter å gi Ian McParland nakkeskuddet. Laget har ligget i ingenmannsland på tabellen og manageren har til sin store fortvilelse ikke fått spillerne til å blø for å få laget oppover på tabellen. Fem tap på rad og kun en seier på de siste tolv kampene gjorde at supporterne ga spillerne det glatte lag da de skull si morna på siste hjemmekamp. Konsekvensen av spillernes elendige innsats er nå kommet. Den kalles fri transfer. Richard Butcher, Jamie Forrester, Adam Nowland, Adam Tann og BBC-blogger Gavin Strachan får alle reisepass mens juryen ennå er ute med hensyn til Ben Fairclough og Stephen Hunt.

En spiller med kontrakt som går ut til sommeren har dog fått tilbud om fornyelse, den unge vingen Myles Weston. Spørsmålet er om han har andre planer, tilbudet har ligget der noen måneder men han har valgt å legge avgjørelsen til etter sesongslutt.  Jonathan Forte, som var på lån fra Scunthorpe, har gjort vendereis. De to andre leiesoldatene, Phil Picken og Matt Richards, returnerer til henholdsvis Chesterfield og Wycombe.

Dermed står klubben igjen med åtte spillere med kontrakt neste sesong: Keeperne Russell Hoult og Kevin Pilkington, forsvarerne Jamie Clapham, Mike Edwards og John Thompson, kantspiller Matty Hamshaw samt spissene Delroy Facey og Sean Canham.

Duoen McParland/Kevan har med andre ord en hektisk sommer foran seg til å fylle stallen med nye spillere.



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Konstantinovich: Richard Butcher, Jamie Forrester, Adam Nowland, Adam Tann og BBC-blogger Gavin Strachan

Rikelig med rutine - og godt med frigjorte lønnsmidler når disse kara nå får sparken. Butcher burde neppe slite med å få seg ny jobb, men jeg veit sannelig ikke med de andre, med mindre de skulle vært interessert i å grovkutte lønna. Strachan hjem til Skottland? Fyren kan dessverre ikke skryte av å ha den skotskeste aksenten jeg noensinne har hørt; man får sterkere mistanker til å høre en kar fra Midlands når man hører midtbanekaren preke.


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Strachan er nok miljøskadd. Han var jo ikke gamle karen da far i huset pakka kofferten og satte seg på toget fra Aberdeen til Manchester. Fem-seks år kanskje, hvis han var så gammel - og med unntak av et kort låneopphold i Dundee, har vel Strachan junior aldri hatt bostedsadresse i Skottland siden den gang.


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Alltid trist når gamle spillere forlater klubben, men nå må man se framover!

Keepersituasjonen er inntil videre grei, selv om en Josh Lillis kunne vært grei å ha. Når var Russell Hoult skadefri sist, forresten?

I forsvar trenger vi en erstatter for Michael Johnson, som nå legger opp. Noe backup vil heller ikke skade, selv om vi sannsynligvis har et par unggutter som kan komme inn og spille ok. Picken på permanent basis lyder som musikk i mine ører.

På midtbanen har vi to gode vinger i Matt Hamshaw og Myles Weston. Det ser litt tynnere ut sentralt, med Butcher, Nowland og Strachan ute. En håper Matt Richards ønsker å tjene sine £ på Meadow Lane neste år.

På topp har vi fortsatt de to nysigneringene fra i sommer - Canham og Facey. Siden Forrester har forsvunnet, bør Charlie Mac gjøre alt han kan for å sikre seg Jonathan Forte fra Scunthorpe.


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Vi er jo litt opptatt, for ikke å si sykelig opphengt, av andregenerasjons fotballspillere her på bruket, og i så måte kan vi jo nevne at unge Ben Fairclough i disse dager har signert ny kontrakt på Meadow Lane. Ben skal angivelig være nevø av velkjente Chris Fairclough, og det må vel også bety at han er sønn av Wayne Fairclough? Eller kan han muligens være sønn av et tredje medlem av Fairclough-klanen, som i så fall aldri spilte fotball på liganivå?

Greit, vi slår i alle fall fast at denne Ben Fairclough nødvendigvis også må være i slekt med Wayne Fairclough, hvis han er nevø av Chris Fairclough. Det eksakte familieforholdet mellom Ben og Wayne får heller utredes på et senere tidspunkt, ettersom Google-testen ikke ga oss noe entydig svar.


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Da har Charlie Mac annsonsert sesongens første signering, Ricky Ravenhill:


Ian McParland today got the boost he wanted when a highly-rated League Two midfielder, Ricky Ravenhill, committed himself to Notts County.

28-year-old Ravenhill has agreed to sign a two-year contract with County this summer.

The Doncaster-born player has some loose ends to tie up with the Quakers, who are currently in administration, before he can put pen-to-paper at Meadow Lane.

McParland feels the news is signal of intent that he is in the market to recruit players to revive County's fortunes.

He said: "To strike a deal with Ricky is a massive bonus for us; I've been very determined to get him on board.

"Ricky has been involved in a number of successful sides chasing promotion in recent years and I feel he will complement our style of play very well.

"I said getting the first one on board was important and I think to attract someone of Ricky's calibre to Meadow Lane is a good sign of what type of player we want to bring in.

"He is a genuine midfielder and the type we were missing last season. He is full of energy, likes to get his foot in and as well as that he can play the game."

A former Barnsley trainee, Ravenhill made a name for himself with Doncaster Rovers where he was a key part of their rise through the leagues from the Conference in 2003 and League Two in 2004.

After spells with Chester City and Grimsby Town he joined Darlington in early 2007, initially on loan before signing on a permanent basis in the summer.

He was a regular in Darlington's charge into the playoffs last season and had it not been for their ten-point deduction for entering administration this season they would have occupied a top seven spot once again.

McParland has also revealed he could receive answers from a further two players who he has held talks with before the week is out.


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Da har sommerens tredje nysignering annonsert, denne gangen et offensivt alternativ, som kjent fra høstens motstander i FA-cupen:


Notts County have boosted their attacking options for next season by handing Craig Westcarr the chance to rebuild his career in League football.

The former Forest starlet has signed a one-year deal after leaving Blue Square Premier club Kettering Town and becomes Ian McParland's third signing of the week.

Said the manager: "I've known Craig for a long time, having worked with him at the City Ground, and I don't think he has come even close to fulfilling his potential.

"He's a different type of player to those we have already and will offer us competition for places on both flanks, and down the middle.

"I think his best position is as a central striker and apart from having the ability to deliver a great ball from set-plays, he's a good footballer with plenty of pace who can score goals."

Westcarr, who is 24, was Kettering's top scorer when they won promotion two seasons ago from the Conference North and played a key role in their FA Cup run last season, scoring twice against Fulham when they made their exit in the fourth round.

Added McParland: "I've had a good chat to Craig about the fact that he hasn't achieved anywhere near as much as he should have done for a player with his ability.

"He knows this is his big chance. We are offering him a lifeline and although he's taking a pay-cut to come and join us, he will get his rewards if he does the business."


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Munto Finance vil ifølge stolmann John Armstrong-Holmes ta over i løpet av fjorten dagar. Det arabiskbaserte selskapet har lagt ein femårsplan som skal gjere skjærene til eitt championshiplag.

Pengar skal brukast på alle nivå i klubben, fra infrastruktur til kjøp av spelarar og trenarar samt å få fram lokale talent.

Så da er det vel berre å sette oddskronene på Countyopprykk neste sesong, eller er det ikkje så lett?


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02.07.09 16:01

Da har det skjedd, Myles Weston forlater Meadow Lane. Vingtalentet går fra å være en skjære til å bli en bie, spesielt nok


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Med de nye eierne har også fulgt en tilsynelatende grenseløs arroganse, for i går presterte man å harke opp et skambud på Jack Lester, hvis status i Chesterfield for tiden langt overgår verdien av de skarve £50 000 County var villig til å bla opp. 

Jeg aner ikke helt hvordan dialogen, om man i det hele tatt kom så langt, ble avrundet, men mitt tips går i retning av to ord, hvor det andre var "off". 

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Ny logo for Notts County: http://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10426~1728423,00.html


Hva synes dere Notts fans?


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21.07.09 13:32

Uten å være County fan så må jeg jo si at det så da ikke så verst ut.

Men har dere sett glimt av megastjernen Tommy Lawton da han debuterte for County på Meadow Lane? Take it all in...



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21.07.09 14:23

Den logoen der så ikke ut. Huff, jeg liker den ikke.


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Arabere i L2, må gå ut og speide etter flygende griser en tur nå.


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Merkeleg nok ikkje nemnt i tråden: Svennis er klar for Notts County!



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22.07.09 12:38
Randomfyr: Den logoen der så ikke ut. Huff, jeg liker den ikke.

Eg vel å seia meg ueinig, noko som overraskar meg sjølv sidan eg hater alt som tek bort ein del av sjela til ein klubb. Tykte det var overraskande bra, kanskje den heldigaste logoendringen eg har sett dei siste åra.

Men eg liker altså ikkje slike endringer, så å jubla over det der? Aldri.

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