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Tidligere Liverpool spiller arrestert i London

Ex-Premier League footballer Andrea Dossena has been arrested on suspicion of shoplifting at London department store Harrods, the BBC has learned.

Han spilte vel sammen med Johnson ? :)

Trist hvis karrieren har gått såpass adundas etter Liverpool at han ser seg nødt til å stjele. Noen som vet mer om hva som har skjedd ?

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Trist hvis karrieren har gått såpass adundas etter Liverpool

Enda godt han har spilt for en annen PL-klubb etter sin lille tid i Liverpool, så Liverpool er heldigvis frikjent. Du bør således skifte navn på tråden, men men....

Hva som har skjedd? Du kan jo spørre selv på:


Han spiller jo i Leyton Orient nå. Lønna der er vel ikke stor nok dersom han ønsker å leve et ekstravagant liv i London.


I was in Harrods with my wife and my son for some shopping and I forgot to pay a honey jar and some sliced meats we had previously ordered. While exiting the shop unaware of my oversight, I was stopped by security guards [who] then called the police as a standard routine procedure. As I wasn’t carrying with me any identity documents at the time, I was asked to go to the nearest police station in order to be identified after which I left and went back home. Hence, I have now instructed my lawyers to protect my image with all necessary legal actions against those who reported this inaccurate and tendentious news.