Nye VGD er lansert! Mer informasjon

Regelendringer før 19/20-sesongen

Neste år er faktisk 2020... Fuuuck jeg er gammel.



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her er tl;dr

Free Kick :

An attacking player will not be permitted to stand within one meter of the wall. The change is imposed as the presence of an attacking player muddling the defensive wall is not considered to be within the “spirit of the game”.

Any attacking player found to disobey the rule will be penalised and the defending team will be rewarded with an indirect free kick.

Penalty : (?!)

Match officials will be much more strict when it comes to penalties. When the spot kick is taken, it is now necessary for the keeper to have at least part of one foot touching on or in line of the goal-line. Apart from that, keepers will also be prohibited from moving on the goal-line or from touching their goalposts.

Substitutions :

Players must leave from the nearest touchline point when substituted.

Yellow & Red Cards for managers :

Although, during the course of the event, if the person at fault is not identified, the senior coach will be the automated recipient. (?)

Drop Balls :

In the upcoming season, we won’t be seeing any drop ball situations, the ball will directly be given to the team in possession and if the game is stopped in the penalty area, the goalkeeper shall retain the ball.

Handballs :

The handball rule in the attacking third has been revised. Goals will now not be given if the ball touches a player before crossing the line. If a player has accidentally handled the ball and created a chance to score, the opposition will be awarded a free-kick. Although this rule will still be a bit controversial, it is to be seen how it gets implemented.

Having all the aforementioned rules in mind, we have the big technology getting introduced in the Premier League. Yes, the upcoming season will have Video Assistant Referee’s (VAR) inclusion in English top division. This will further eliminate the faults and will assist in getting better clarity on the new initiatives.


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